Courseplay is a cloud-based training platform for organizations to engage their people in a fun and easy to understand way. With Courseplay, administrators can add their own courses or license courses from our marketplace within seconds! Users can also access detailed reports with the click of a button.
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Modern Training for Modern Organizations


Authenticate users at each step of the training process to ensure training programs are on target and deliver better results


Quickly set up and deliver any kind of training content to any device, anytime, anywhere and retain full access control


Make training and testing more enjoyable for learners with our intuitive and engaging interface so they return for more


Track and analyze learner progress to get detailed insight on your training programs and maximize your return on investment

Why Courseplay?



With Courseplay we want to make it easy for you to set up a training program and then leave it to let it work for you. We focus on providing a platform that requires minimal setup, minimal training and minimal oversight to allow you to focus on more important things.


With Courseplay you can authenticate your users and measure the impact of your training program, making your people accountable for their performance in the classroom and in the workplace.


Courseplay is a cloud-based responsive training platform, which means that all you need is a web-browser and an internet connection to take your training programs with you wherever you go!

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