Organizations should use Courseplay to…

Train Personnel

Train your workforce to improve efficiency and instill standards in your company

Test Progress

YES, you can!
Test your employees with assignments and quizzes to take full advantage of your training program

Track Performance

Track and analyze your employees’ learning progress and set goals to foster progress

Right now, my business…

has no training

If you want to outpace your competition, you have to train your employees to maximize your company’s effectiveness. Untrained staff is like a car without a steering wheel.

trains employees in-house

Great! We can piggyback off your in-house team to create customized content, and with our scalable platform, your in-house team can train 10x more effectively in 10x less time!

outsources our training

No problem! We can work with your training company to continue to offer the same courses on our platform, and you can train, test and track your employees using our cloud-based system.

So choose Courseplay!

We offer a next-generation training platform hosted on the cloud and offer services to create, upload and maintain your entire learning system. By using lean technologies we aim to be content-centric and cost-effective.

Lean Technology

The Courseplay platform is content-centric, technology-driven and cost-effective

Scalable, Efficient, Fast

Quickly create and communicate new policies and training programs with your entire organization

Role-based Logins

Specific privileges and access control for administrator, department head, instructor and employee roles

Save Money and Time

Stop wasting productive hours in the workplace and cut down expensive travel and venue costs

Cloud-based Platform

Your software will always be state-of-the-art and maintained by our learning engineers

Beauty in Simplicity

Courseplay is designed for simplicity. You already know how to use it!

Great for all businesses!

Courseplay is a next-generation cloud-based training platform for organizations that is quick to implement and easy to use. Our training platform and services feature several benefits for organizations of all sizes.

Improve Performance

Re-train under-performers cheaply with Courseplay and help them understand exactly where they need help.

Make Onboarding Smarter

Employers can create personalized onboarding portals to welcome, train and engage new hires!

Slash Training Costs

Quickly manage and access training programs from anywhere, anytime, and increase the productive hours of your workforce.

Are you ready to train your organization with Courseplay?

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