Arjun Gupta

Arjun Gupta

Founder, CEO

Firstventure Corporation Private Limited

Arjun Gupta graduated from Boston University in 2011 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and International Relations. After returning home he saw a huge potential in the Indian workforce, but a critical shortage of professional growth opportunities for employees.

Arjun runs the business and decision-making at Courseplay, an AI-powered employee experience platform that delivers 360-degree learning-led professional growth.

In his spare time, Arjun can be found boxing or building Lego.

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Perennial Challenges Faced by Learning and Development

Nowadays, online training is a real lifesaver for L&D teams. But to make it work, you need specific software. The Courseplay learning platform and the iSpring Suite course authoring toolkit together comprise a complex solution that will help you overcome all possible challenges and create training that will help your business drive enormous results. 

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