Implementing your Learning Management Solution


There are three key C’s in implementing your Learning Management System in your organization. They are Configuration, Communication and Content.


Some LMS solutions will require a significant amount of effort from the organization’s side to install and configure the LMS as per the organization’s need. FYI, with Courseplay, this is 0. Courseplay comes pre-configured and ready to use from the word GO. Others however would need a small team. Beyond installation, there will be certain settings that vary from organization-to-organization that have to be set up.


The key with implementing any new system in an organization is communication. With a LMS there are two main levels of communication.

  1. The first is the organization’s policy. Who is in charge? Will online training be mandatory? Who will be trained? How often? Why? All this and more must be communicated to the organization.
  2. The second level of communication has to do with the LMS features. Many service providers give you a lot of documentation and training so that the implementation process is as seamless and hassle-free as possible. Beyond that, working with the people at the organization to iron out any questions, comments or concerns they may have will also help.


In the long run, after the LMS has been configured and everyone knows what to do with it, someone needs to manage the content. Which courses should be purchased or created? Who will upload and manage the courses? Which employees should take these courses? Who will oversee the employees?

Other considerations: Beyond this, it’s important to keep the timeline, budgeted costs, expectations and goals of the endeavor in mind.

At Courseplay, we do all this and more. We take care of the entire implementation process for our clients. Contact us if you have any questions, comments or concerns. We are happy to help.

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