Quickpost: From Resistance to Reward


We learned something interesting recently: organizations react to change in different ways. For example, a few months ago, we saw resistance to our online training platform from the instructors at a large client of ours. The instructors feared Courseplay (or any LMS for that matter) would make their jobs redundant. We went ahead with the implementation and we found out that they love Courseplay!

Instead of teaching the same boring material to candidates every day, their new focus was to create new content in innovative ways. They were applying the same effort as they were before, except now they are utilizing their time in a new way. Their job switched from boring repetitive tasks to something that involved much more creativity, and they loved it. In fact, instead of downsizing, they have hired two more instructors on the training team! This is only one of the ways an online training platform like Courseplay can transform an organization.

Our client used our cloud-based learning platform to reinvest their savings back into the training organization for even better results!