Hybrid App (Frontend) Developer

Role and Responsibilities

The Frontend Developer plans, coordinates, develops code for the company, and will work with the rest of the product team. In addition, this position performs the following roles:

  • Conducts research on the latest software development practices
  • Develops new features of the Courseplay Mobile App
  • Fixes bugs found in the software
  • Develops new apps and software solutions to complement our existing offerings
  • Conducts tests on their own code before deploying
  • Brainstorms innovative ways to develop new features
  • Follows software development best practices
  • Writes clean code with comments
  • Regularly tests their own code
  • Works on innovative technologies like chatbots, mobile apps and much more!

Skills and Experience

Ideal candidates for this position should possess some or all of the qualities below:

  • Analyzing, calculating and reasoning a situation effectively
  • Establishing credibility and being decisive
  • Getting along with diverse personalities easily
  • Handling deadlines and responsibility
  • Managing projects and processes within the company
  • Possessing a sharp eye for detail – VERY IMPORTANT

Qualifications Sought

  • Minimum 1 year experience with AngularJS
  • Minimum 2 years of experience with JavaScript
  • React Native experience is a HUGE bonus
  • Work Experience: Minimum 2 years of HTML and CSS experience required
  • Graduate degree required
  • 2+ years enterprise or e-business systems experience preferred
  • Experience with Bootstrap framework is a huge bonus