Information Security Officer

The employee is responsible for establishing, implementing, securing, maintaining and continually improving Quality Management Systems (QMS), Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) integrated in Information Security and Quality Management Systems (IQMS) vide designing appropriate policies, procedures and controls for maintaining, securing and improving services, products and process at the Company.

Role and Responsibilities

  • Develop policies, procedures and standards in accordance with the requirements of respective Standards to ensure security, confidentiality and privacy of information that is consistent with organizational Information security policy and are appropriate to the nature, scale and risks of FVC’s activities and facilities.
  • Delegate any of its responsibilities to any other personnel either from organization or may hire external professionals possessing required competence.
  • Monitor and report on any information intrusion incidents and activate strategies to prevent further incidents
  • Work with information custodians to ensure that information assets have been assigned appropriate security classifications
  • Implementing any changes as per the change management procedure
  • Approval on update of information asset inventory register
  • Identifying the classification level of information asset
  • Defining and implementing appropriate safeguards to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the information asset
  • Assessing and monitoring safeguards to ensure their compliance and report situations of non-compliance
  • Authorizing access to those who have a business need for the information, and
  • Ensuring access is removed from those who no longer have a business need for the information
  • Coordinating with the Top Management / Steering Committee for adequate resources essential to establish, implement, maintain / control, secure and improvement of the IQMS.
  • Monitor and report on any degradation in the IQMS and strategize to prevent further degradation and improving the quality in respective process, product or service.
  • Assessing and monitoring safeguards to ensure their compliance and report situations of non-compliance
  • Reporting on the performance of IQMS to top management / steering committee for review and as a basis for improvement of the IQMS.


  • Post-Graduate Degree with experience into Quality Management, Process Improvement, Information Security etc.


  • Communication skills
  • Leadership and management capabilities
  • Follow-ups skills
  • Eye for detail


  • Minimum 6 years of work experience with any technical responsibilities