Training Consultant

Job Description

The Training Consultant will work with the Operations team to deliver high-impact customized training solutions for clients. The ideal candidate will take the initiative to meet clients, understand their pain points, perform a gap analysis, propose a set of solutions, and execute their plan to successful completion.


  • Identify and assess future and current training needs for clients by analyzing job roles, and defining career paths
  • Monitor and evaluate training effectiveness, success and ROI periodically, and delivering reports
  • Maintain a keen understanding of training trends, developments and best practices
  • Recommend and curate training solutions to clients based on their needs and requirements
  • Learn about the 100,000+ learning products that we offer to clients and how they can be used to best serve different needs
  • Manage the technologies and technical personnel required to develop, manage and deliver training content
  • Oversee client training programs that include e-learning, training videos, classroom training, training feedback and more for clients
  • Schedule training sessions, and manage course enrollment (very little)
  • Work with managers to address learning issues, instruction problems, or new educational needs regarding specific employees or departments in the client’s company
  • Boost training adoption by executing ‘internal marketing’ and ‘knowledge marketing’ strategies (ask us about it in the interview)


  • Bachelor’s degree or relevant experience
  • 3+ years’ experience in HR, L&D or training management
  • Strong organizational, critical thinking and communications skills
  • Attention to detail and good judgement


E-Learning, Consulting, and Information Technology

Employment Type



Associate (2-3 years)

Job Function

  • Consulting
  • Training
  • Strategy