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Courseplay is a robust cloud learning management system that works great in virtually any use case. With Courseplay, company size, industry, content requirements and devices are not a factor. Read our case studies below to learn about how Courseplay can work for your organization to bring down the cost of learning and grow your learning team.

Pharma pills

Pharmaceutical Industry

The competitive edge delivered by online training can no longer be ignored by the Pharma Industry. We look at the key challenges in the industry


Aviation Industry

We look at how one of their biggest challenges in the aviation industry, personnel training, can be solved using online training

customer offering credit card retail

Retail Industry

For retail companies looking to discover the advantages of scalable training, Courseplay can be your partner towards creating an effective training program

customer support

BPO Industry

With short timelines for deployment in the BPO industry, important aspects of training are ignored. Learn how the BPO industry can gain from training online

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