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Aviation Companies and Airlines Reduce Training Costs and Automate Compliance with Courseplay

The Aviation sector needs a scalable training automation solution now more than ever before to reduce their costs in a tough market

Pain Points

  • Training is a regulatory requirement and comprises of >30% of OpEx
  • Low cost carriers in India currently undergoing a price war
  • Costs have been rising for the last 10 years with fuel costs experiencing unpredictable volatility
  • Recurrent training must occur every 3-36 months for every employee
    in an airline
  • Complicated logistics and management of training programs
  • Scattered workforce around the country
  • High transportation costs of training

Technology Challenges

  • Different departments often operate separately even though they train the same employees, often leading to fragmented and decentralized records
  • Reminders for refresher courses must be manually set, adding to the workload of the training staff
  • Different methods of training, including videos, slides and assessments
  • Feedback is recorded on paper forms, requiring hours of effort to collate and analyse data, at the same time increasing the effort to provide accurate records to the regulator


  • Mobile learning with micro learning modules
  • Engaging content like interactive SCORM and video
  • 360-degree feedback for ground level insight using chatbot
  • Regular quizzes and refresher modules
  • State of the art cloud platform with regulator approved information security
  • Training automation to save time and effort
  • Daily training reminders and automated email updates


  • Approve and use the mobile learning app
  • Upload micro learning modules
  • Use more interactive (SCORM) modules, surveys, videos and quizzes
  • Courseplay team can assist with content solutions
  • Utilize the Chatbot app for 360 feedback and engagement
  • Use the skills, gamification and performance tracking features of Courseplay
Solutions Beyond Training

Easy to use, faster to present, and can be accessed anywhere. Courseplay has helped our organization ease compliance requirements.

– Chinmay M, Quality Management