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Top Retail Brands Reduce Attrition Costs and Automate Onboarding with Courseplay

Frontline teams on shop-floors need a scalable training automation solution now more than ever before


The retail sector is one of the fastest growing sectors. In India, it is responsible for nearly 8% of the country’s employment. Courseplay has served over 4,000 frontline employees for retail clients like Raymond, Mothercare, Coach, Nike and Vans in both Indian and international markets. These brands were looking for training programs for their frontline employees for the following reasons:

  • In-person training not possible due to Covid-19
  • Insufficient record keeping during manual training activities
  • High administrative cost to coordinate training


The following are primary training concerns faced by retail companies:

  1. No classroom training: Since the Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted the normal lifestyle of people across the globe it is nearly impossible to train the employees in physical classrooms and offices
  2. Small data packs on mobiles: Some frontline and blue collar employees use small data packs which do not support heavy data usage for live streaming and large files for training purposes
  3. Language barrier: Not all employees are comfortable with English, so making content available in regional languages is key
  4. Providing up to date product knowledge: Since they are frontline employees and the face of the brand, they directly get to deal with the end customers. It is very important for them to have knowledge about each and every product thoroughly.
  5. High employee attrition: One of the major drawbacks that the retail industry suffers is the problem of high attrition. Due to a shorter working period, constantly hiring new workforce and spending on their on-boarding and training, does call for huge investment


  1. Virtual training anytime anywhere: Due to the new world order virtual training has been adopted greatly in the retail industry. It is much easier and accessible to train large number of employees at once with the help of Courseplay
  2. Small app for frontliners: Courseplay is especially designed for frontliners and blue-collar employees keeping in mind that the app has a small data footprint and works very well on low budget phones too.
  3. Regional language available: The Courseplay mobile app is available in English, Hindi, Arabic and Chinese, with options to translate the training content into 11 Indian languages and 100+ global languages. Now your employees can opt for the language of their preference.
  4. Quick training turn-around times: Courseplay enables clients to push out every minute product update so that learners receive standardized information which can be accessed through multiple devices.
  5. Attrition friendly: Without our training automation and touch-less onboarding capabilities, our clients have eliminated the amount of time and money spent on onboarding and training. Costs for physical training and logistics in making executives compliant with the role and responsibilities have been brought down to 0.
  6. Scalable platform: Using AWS services, Courseplay was able to deploy a platform that was highly available, scalable and elastic to provide a cost effect solution that was there when the client needed it.


Courseplay is the only scalable training automation solution for enterprises with hundreds of thousands of front-line employees and extended enterprise learners. Large enterprises rely on Courseplay to deliver delightful learning content, engage hard-working employees, automate tedious workflows, and accurately measure impact for their people using any device and 100+ global languages. Our automated workforce alignment platform provides clients with intelligent insights and recommendations for better bottom-line performance throughout the company.