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Health and Wellness Technology

Company Size

1,000 +

Tech Startups Onboard Effortlessly and Scale their Teams with Courseplay

Fast-growing teams need a scalable training, onboarding and growth delivery solution now more than ever before


India is has emerged as one of the fastest-growing digital economies over the past few years, characterized by 90% growth in terms of digital adoption index between 2014 and 2017. The Indian healthcare sector has also proportionately adopted digital transformation to improve quality and accessibility for all consumers. The digital healthcare market in India stood at US$ 116.61 billion in 2018 and is expected to increase at a CAGR of 27.41% to US$ 485.43 billion by 2024.

One of the largest digital healthcare giants wanted to onboarding their newly hired employees in a completely zero-touch way. Once the employees are hired, they are given onboarding training which would last for 30-60 days. Post the training, these employees would be skilled and ready to work.

Pain Points

Time Allocation

HR teams are using a lot of bandwidth to perform repetitive course assignments to new joiners that join the organisation frequently as it is time consuming to manage data of multiple batches of new-joiners. The faster the company grows the harder this gets.

Tracking Issues

It is a mammoth task for recruiters to track and monitor new joiners into the system as they’re getting up to speed with the company systems and processes and a batch of new joiners joining on the same date is generally large.


Automation of Allocation

Employees can be grouped into categories based on the joining date, batches, verticals, hierarchy etc and courses are automatically allocated to them. Integration to HRMS can be leveraged as well to grasp onto exiting database of categories such as location, team, department and reporting manager.

Scheduling of Courses

Courses can be scheduled for joiners based on their lifecycle at the organisation. For example, induction courses, regular interval courses and courses that are to be revisited within a stipulated timeline. This will enable you to automatically assign courses as a new joiner starts their journey into the organisation.

Tracking and Monitoring

Keeping track of new joiner progress can be easily tracked and analysed. Reports can be generated as required including custom reports reaching you within stipulated timeline.