Pre-Hire Onboarding

Use Case



Information Technology

Company Size

200k +

The Largest IT Companies in the World Speed Up Recruitment and Scale their Teams with Courseplay

Fast-growing teams need a scalable hiring, training and onboarding solution now more than ever before


One of the world’s top IT giants was looking to train their pre-hires so that while the candidates are giving multiple interview rounds, the candidates stay engaged and emersed in the company’s culture and by the time they get hired, these candidates are well-trained and ready to hit the ground running.

IT Companies can save time in upskilling/training the new-hires to avoid production loss. At the same time, new hires can be brought up to speed through Courseplay by the time they get hired and are engaged pre-hiring.

Pain Points

Time Consuming Recruitment

Upskilling/training post hiring generally takes up a minimum of 3 months at a stretch and this leads to loss of productive hours. To avoid this and to keep candidates engaged, it is pivotal that this initiative is inaugurated as soon as the candidate is selected. The candidate can be trained according to their job role or skill gaps.

Generation of Bulk Candidate Data

HR teams spend valuable time in gathering data and can rather use it to analyse data and identifying the right fit. Courseplay can be leveraged to generate candidate data in batches so that they can be interviewed optimally. Different sets of questions can be asked to shortlist only the top scorers for the interview round.

Repetitive administration work for HR

Most of HR-function bandwidth is spent in training and onboarding of new-hires and they must keep a track of details such as new joiner’s batch, learning to be allocated, and timelines which leads to loss of productivity if not automated.

Higher training cost

The cost of training is high as it leads to candidate spending man hours in upskilling and learning rather than applying and achieving targets/KPI. For initial months, cost is high as the employee is still getting up to speed with the work culture and job role rather than growing business. Also attrition post training is a known phenomenon.

Need Candidate to be Engaged

Given the attrition rate in the market and IT especially becoming an employee market, the candidates get lethargic and anxious due to the long interview, hiring and pre-joining period. It is common for employees to job search during this time. Hence, it is critical that employees are engaged and captivated.


Hosting pre-hire training

Clients can leverage Courseplay to host an unlimited number of pre-hire courses and make them engaging and interactive. Clients can also automate the process of assigning these courses to new hires based on their joining dates, job roles and competencies.

Anonymous Surveys

Creating anonymous surveys on Courseplay and sending this survey link to a huge audience who need not be registered on Courseplay can help collate relevant data from pre-hired candidates.

Tracking and Reporting

Keep a track of the candidate’s progress and interest in upskilling for the job. This will also help analyse the right fit for each role. Reports can be generated as required including custom reports reaching managers within stipulated timeline.