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Performance Tracking using Automation

Tracking performance is important. Measuring progress cannot be constrained to a single variable, which makes formulating complex performance programs a drudging task. In a tech-friendly generation like ours the most reliable way to measure and track performance is through automation.

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Chatbots are a Great Way to Engage your Employees

This article is about the implementation of chatbots in large, medium and small businesses. Chatbots are a winning tool for businesses to embrace. Using chatbots at the right time with the right people can be conducive to expanding your business. If you wish to reach your customers, you must first connect with your employees.

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Use Any Content with Courseplay

Courseplay gives you freedom to use your training material as you see fit. Organizations do not need conform to the rigid limitations set by more traditional solutions.

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Make Onboarding Intelligent with Courseplay

Onboarding has never been so easy. Employers can create personalized induction portals to welcome, train and engage new hires even before their first day of work, and track their progress with live metrics.


Lower Training Costs with Courseplay

With Courseplay, you can instantly roll out product and service updates online for your entire team by creating mini-courses that not only inform your team about the product, but also handle their questions and quiz them to make sure they are crystal clear on the product, and it does this around the clock.

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Improve Performance with Courseplay

With Courseplay, you can improve organization performance by re-training under-performers quickly and at a low-cost, testing them to understand their weakness, tracking their progress through the platform, and giving them more personalized attention to understand exactly where they need help.

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Gain Workforce Insight with Courseplay

Keywords like “corporate training” and “big data” are not just for large companies anymore. With Courseplay, organizations of all sizes, especially small and medium enterprises, can release training modules instantly.


Access Training Anywhere with Courseplay

Courseplay is cloud-based and works on a “responsive” framework, which means that the application is automatically maintained and adapts to the size of the learner’s screen. The possibilities to access your training program are limitless.