Database Scaling with AWS

aws database video

Courseplay is a cloud-native product which sits on top of AWS storage layers and utilizes multiple AWS services. Due to the unexpected impact caused by the Covid-19 crisis, we have increased our database footprint to suit the increased demand. In the first phase we have been testing the load on larger servers and fine-tuning our parameters to understand what size of DB is required. In the second phase we will offer long term commitments to AWS in order to secured a discounted price-point that will bring down the cost of the service we offer our customers.

We believe this investment in our database architecture, and in our relationship with AWS, allows Courseplay to scale and leverage the latest technologies for our clients.

Benefits Expected

  1. Performance improvements: API load times and page load times
  2. Elastic scalability: Rapidly scale to meet customer demand in a highly available and cost-efficient manner
  3. Reduced operational overheads: Fully-managed resource provisioning, maintenance, and backups allow us to focus on building a better Courseplay for our clients
  4. High availability and durability: Maintain business continuity with fault-tolerant and self-healing storage, supported by automatic replication across AWS Availability Zones, rapid fail-over, and fast read times

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