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6 Ways to Boost Training Enagement on Courseplay


Here at Courseplay we are always looking for ways to improve the learning experience for our clients. To that end, we have created a quick 6-point guide to help you improve the training engagement rates for your courses on Courseplay. Enjoy!

□  Create a Quiz after Each Module

  • Short 5 question quizzes after each module are highly recommended
  • Ensure the candidates have understood the learning material
  • Get tons of data about pain points, user engagement, content effectiveness, training ROI

□  Enable Course Pace

  • Courseplay provides an option for instructors to recommend the pace at which learners should complete the course with the click of a button
  • If the pace measurement is enabled for a course, learners can compare the percentage of their own progress with the recommended progress they should have made by that date
  • We have found that enabling course pace results in a direct reduction of delays by learners for completing their goals on time

□  Enable the Leaderboard

  • Instill a sense of friendly competition with the course leaderboard!
  • The course leaderboard motivates learners to engage with the course, earn points, achieve a higher rank and climb the leaderboard
  • Points for the leaderboard are earned by completing learning modules, getting better scores on quizzes and contributing to the discussion forum

□  Use Discussions

  • The course discussion forum provided a place for learners to interact with their peers and instructors
  • Learners get a chance to resolve queries, exchange opinions and interact with their peers
  • Any user in the course can start a discussion topic and all users can contribute
  • Instructors may respond and moderate discussions

□  Use Downloadable Media

  • Instructors may upload any useful file to be downloaded by learners while accessing a module
  • Downloadable media may include case study information, prompts for the learner, or any extra information to access side-by-side with a module
  • Can be uploaded for courses, modules, or individual questions
  • A great way to share offline or optional content for learners to keep and access offline

□  Use Interactive SCORM Modules

  • SCORM content can be a combination of images, audio, video, quizzes, and more
  • SCORM content can sometimes be expensive to create, but that is not always necessarily the case
  • This module type allows instructors to include animations and interactions to make the content more engaging and appealing to learners