Why Should I Use HTML5 if I am Happy with Flash?

html vs flash

So what, if HTML5 gives more satisfying output, I will remain loyal to Flash… Period!

Flash to HTML5

What I mean is that I happy using Flash, and I don’t care much about HTML5, comes in handy and works on any device. As long as, my content is displayed on my desktop, I am thrilled.

I can list at least 10 reasons for you to devote yourself to Flash. And here they are:

1. Let’s begin with the fact that HTML5 supports on demand and live video streaming sources, but Flash has been there for years together aiding in rich audio and video content…so who cares if HTML5 content has reached millions of users for free. Flash still has the beauty and charm, and a loyal fan following.

2. Most of the web videos are viewed using Flash. As a matter of fact, YouTube was solely Flash, till the unfortunate event of adding HTML5 video playback was introduced in 2011. Holy sh**t! Now, does it really matter if HTML5 supports multimedia specific tags for Scalable Vector Graphics, animations, Cascading Style Sheets, and JavaScript for audio and video.

3. This reason will interest you that there are many free authoring tools that provide HTML5 output, and nothing free does any good. It only gives open structure, and customization capabilities for web and eLearning professionals. But, I would still prefer working on Flash for better interactivities and animation, so what if it is a close technology, not every convenient for customized look and feel, and I must spend a fortune on it. The hard way seems tough, but still it is worth walking!

4. HTML5 avails offline storage of data, meaning the learners can access the content even when they are offline. Big deal…there are many eLearning assets built on Flash during the last decade, arguably right now sitting idle inside LMSs and organizational knowledge management systems because it does not support offline storage. But still whenever you access these, there is a happy nostalgic feeling. This is unmatched and the lovers of HTML5 can never feel what I can feel.

5. HTML5 consumes less processing power, runs faster than Flash application. Of course, it would because Flash provides rich content experience, rendering, animation bitmap images it will use the battery no matter which technology you use. You can’t switch just to HTML5 just because it is runs faster in comparison to Flash.

6. Okay so, HTML5 provides easy multimedia integration, and the content is accessible on all browsers and platforms, and you don’t face any ‘black box’ issue. You can achieve this even with Flash. All you need is a browser with a Flash plug-in that your android, iOS, or Windows device supports.

7. HTML5 in eLearning is the new industry standard, and eLearning professionals are opting because of its adaptability, but one can’t deny the fact that Flash has been the once undisputed King in delivering rich content to the glazed eyes of people, who knew nothing but boring books or lectures.

9. Flash content is media rich, so what if it is data heavy, and it may not reach people using low-bandwidth devices or geographies. They don’t deserve it! So, what if it proves Einstein’s theory of relativity to be true when compared with HTML5 content. I will always hoot for Flash content.

10. When my fellow worker opts for HTML5, because it enables them to build lighter pages, and it loads faster than Flash…I want to ask them only one question, “Ever heard the story of hare and tortoise? Remember who wins the race?


Dear Thankless HMTL5 lovers (who propagate that the content should be future ready for multi-device multi-platform digital experience, and the ones who don’t want themselves to be limited by flash, and use HTML5 for mobile-friendly content),

You can use your mobile or tablet data to make presentations, but let me tell you this, “I still would prefer carrying my laptop for presentations”. And I don’t mind asking the client for their WIFI password each time and use their connection to make my presentation…I am serious! Do hell with HTML5…I am hopelessly in love with FLASH!

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