Adaptive Question Difficulty for Better Reports

adaptive innovation

“Adaptive difficulty” is a new buzzword in the learning industry. At Courseplay, we pride ourselves in providing accurate, comprehensive and granular reports about all sorts of data points. One such data point is the difficulty of a question in a quiz, and that data allows us to extrapolate very interesting information about the likelihood of a participant guessing their answers or knowing if they fully understood the subject matter.

With Courseplay, course instructors can set the difficulty level of each quiz question, and as participants attempt the quiz, Courseplay updates each question’s difficulty rating using a complex algorithm based on the number of times the question was answered incorrectly.

This also allows us to accurately create a comprehensive attempt analysis and recommend to instructors if there is a need to pay additional attention to any specific learner. If you would like to learn more about how to use this information to make better teaching decisions, get in touch with us.