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Get your Employees to Complete their Courses

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More often than not, people tend to avoid learning new things. They are comfortable with where they are and are reluctant to push themselves to get better. Those at managerial levels assume that they know best how to do their job and therefore do not need to be trained. It’s a tricky task for companies to pursue their employees to go through the courses assigned to them. Here are three tips to inspire your employees to complete their courses:

1. Communicate “Why” they Must Complete their Courses

It’s of utmost importance for your employees to understand *why* they need to learn. Allotting specific courses to employees and asking them to complete it within the given time-frame won’t keep them interested and engaged. There are two essential things that you need to communicate well with your employees — one is the importance of taking up the course. And second, is the impact the course will have on them and the organization. Ensure that you convey how the company’s core values align with their job roles. And communicate how the assigned courses enable them to carry out their daily tasks. When your employees understand this well, you will have succeeded in instilling the perspective and purpose needed to kick-start their courses.

2. Game-ify their Experience

Gamification is an excellent feature to boost participation. It is highly interactive and therefore compels users to come back for more. Its features that include leaderboards, rewards, wallet, etc. promote healthy competition within the individuals and teams of the organization and increase engagement. That being said, be careful about going too far to create a game-like experience, because it may encourage cheating.

3. Follow-up and Feedback

The purpose of follow-ups and feedback are so that both you and your team understand how effectively the course is working. Follow-ups help the organization in evaluating the employees’ current skill level and how much he/she needs to work towards improving themselves. Constructive feedback helps encourage the employee in continually bettering himself/herself.

In conclusion, there are no short-cuts to get your people to do the needful. Your employees will naturally take the initiative to learn if the content provided is interactive.

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