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Chatbots are a Great Way to Engage your Employees


This article is about the implementation of chatbots in large, medium and small businesses.

Startups have raised the bar for employee engagement activities. It is difficult for multi-national companies (MNCs) to compete with agile and young companies for engagement. This is because of the existing large number of employees in MNCs and the slow pace at which changes are approved and accepted. Moreover, having to connect with a large number of employees within the organization across various departments makes it a highly time-consuming, monotonous and tiresome task. The challenge for a large company is to take responsibility for creating new and innovative ways to engage with their employees. Building an employee transformation program requires a substantial investment of time, energy, and money. Activities like skill development programs, outings, fun at work activities are few of the best approaches to creating engagement within the organization. Though they prove to be effective, they too demand an investment of long hours, money, and another human being to manage the event.

The sheer use of technology comes into play when the need to enable employee engagement arises. Making the use of artificial intelligence and automation is a good alternative to simplify this exercise, although some would argue that due to the novelty of this technology, there is not enough substantial evidence. One of the many byproducts of artificial intelligence and automation is ‘chatbots’. Chatbots are a simple and empowering tool to engage with an audience. The growing adoption of chat applications like Snapchat, WhatsApp, WeChat, Hike, etc. makes assimilating the implementation of chatbots an easy task. The applications of chatbots are infinite. The intelligent AI technology used in chatbots help organizations to connect with their employees.

The advantages of adopting chatbots in a large organization
  • They are cost-effective
  • They are demand lesser time from the organization
  • They can be integrated easily into any LMS/HRMS platform
  • They compel users to engage effectively
  • They offer a personalized experience for the user
  • They quickly consolidate and analyze information
  • They enable immediate feedback and facilitate quick response time
  • They can automate announcements and reminders on demand
  • They can reach a wider audience

Chatbots are a winning tool for businesses to embrace. Using chatbots at the right time with the right people can be conducive to expanding your business. If you wish to reach your customers, you must first connect with your employees.

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