Gain Workforce Insight with Courseplay

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Comprehensive Data Reporting Empowers Employers to Make the Right Decisions

Keywords like “corporate training” and “big data” are not just for large companies anymore. With Courseplay, organizations of all sizes, especially small and medium enterprises, can release training modules instantly. View detailed reports on the progress of your learners and let your learners access their course materials from anywhere, anytime! Bring the training to your employees and stop wasting productive working hours.

  • Get progress, score and skill reports
  • Reports available for users, courses and modules
  • Question-wise reporting available
  • Download data for additional analysis

Traditional training programs focused heavily on delivering knowledge to the learner but stopped there. Organizations had a hard time understanding what the impact of a particular training program in an organization was until months if not years after the program actually occurred. At the same time, the employer could never know how effective a particular program was or how a particular learner performed without a ton of paperwork and effort-hours spent on capturing and analyzing the data. In addition, it was all the more tedious to assign specific training programs to the specific individuals who needed it, let along understanding which programs which individuals needed.

With Courseplay, all this functionality and insight is brought directly to the employer’s fingertips. Administrators, Department Heads and Instructors can dictate which users can see a course and which users can enroll in them. Users can add a particular course to their Wishlist if they are interested in it, to be assigned by a superior at a later stage. Superiors can access detailed reports that provide information about which courses have been activated, by how many learners, their progress in each course, their scores in tests and quizzes, the effectiveness of each training program, and much more.