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6 Benefits of Micro-Learning in the Workplace

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Micro-learning is a new advancement in the learning and development sector. It delivers small, quick learning nuggets that take under five minutes to finish. Micro-learning is intended to meet a definite learning outcome. Individuals can get the data they require when they require it.

Since we’ve become acquainted with getting information instantly through Google, specialists have anticipated that micro-learning could surpass formal training. Because of our fast-paced lives, we have less time to give to learning. This idea also supports the continued popularity of short courses for providing targeted skills. The benefits of this in the workplace are:

1. Micro-Learning lets you Focus on the Learner

Having a wide range of data nuggets allows you to segregate data into specific sections subsequently, matching these data nuggets to a targeted person’s learning style.

2. It is Available on Demand

These data nuggets are available to learners at the time of their need. They are also available as and when required.

3. Micro-Learning allows for Flexible Delivery

Content can be delivered flexibly through any device (from desktops and laptops to tablets and smartphones) permitting learners to learn to whenever they want to, on any device.

4. It is Quality Content

Because the content is in small proportions, it requires information to be authentic and precise. Therefore the content delivered is high-quality content.

5. Micro-Learning is Less Time-Consuming

Companies have less time to train their employees. Similarly, employees should not be asked to put aside hours of their day at work to learn. Micro-learning is short. It takes up less time to deliver and consume.

6. High Impact

Lastly, because of the presence of specific, short and high-quality content to the learners, the subject offered can have a positive and lasting impact.

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