Skills-based Learning on Courseplay

skills performance

At Courseplay, our vision is to deliver clients with a fully automated platform that provides accurate and actionable insights to clients that enable better decision-making. One such way we do this is by linking learning modules with “skills”. Skills on Courseplay are a set of metrics that gives clients an idea of how much knowledge of a topic the learner has gained through the platform.

Clients can create as many skillsets as they like. Our team can also import our recommended list of skills so clients can hit the ground running. A skill can be linked to modules and KPIs, and from there, Courseplay automatically understands which skill goes to which courses and which users. Lastly, clients have the option of extracting several skill-related reports from Courseplay.

Skills are a key component of the Courseplay Cloud Learning Platform and clients can expect many more innovations with the skills tracking system in the coming months. To learn more, get in touch with us.

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