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Press Release: Courseplay Launches v3.0


Mumbai, August 3rd, 2017: Courseplay, the leading cloud-based software enabling quick and affordable online training management and engagement for employees across diverse sectors, has launched an upgraded version of its software, Courseplay 3.0. The latest version of the software introduces progressive features like a performance tracker, digital signature-based login support and data analytics using IBM’s Watson supercomputer to create personality profiles for recruitment candidates and employees.

The most recent addition to the software is the Performance Tracker, which allows trainees to define their professional goals, monitor their progress and track whether the outcome of their training achieves organisational objectives. With this feature, employees can view individual tasks allotted to them, track their completion, self-assess progress, and have their managers review their performance. In addition, managers will be able to correlate the real-world performance of employees with their learning outcomes.

Courseplay 3.0 also employs SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) Single Sign-on, a standard protocol which eliminates multiple passwords and instead allows the end user to enter their credentials only once in order to access multiple applications. Additionally, IBM’s Watson Personality Insights offers a set of core analytics for discovering actionable insights on employees and is based on the psychology of language in combination with data analytics algorithms. The program analyses the content that one sends and returns a personality profile for the author of the input.

Commenting on the announcement, CEO, Arjun Gupta said, “Our 3.0 update builds on our existing capabilities through new features that will enable the entire organisation to achieve their business goals through a unified platform. With Courseplay 3.0 we want to help CEOs answer the question “If I spend $1 on training how will it impact my bottom line?” Meanwhile, our employee engagement solutions comprise of innovative and unique activities like selfie-contests and other employee engagement initiatives that will further ensure the implementation of best practices for recruitment, engagement and training in an organisation.”

About Courseplay

Courseplay is more than simply an edtech or e-learning solution for organizations. If you have a small, medium or large company or organization, Courseplay can help you bring down the cost of training and multiply your training capacity with a few clicks of a button. Detailed reports will provide useful insights about your organization. Our easy-to-use interface allows anyone to pick up and run with the platform quickly with minimal documentation. New hires and even potential hires can be trained and pre-trained easily, making the onboarding process smooth and hassle-free.

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