Lead Registration Form

Lead Registration Steps

Thank you for using the Courseplay lead registration form. We are excited to support you on your deals. A few notes for you as you move through this process:

  • PLEASE fill out the form for EVERY lead for Courseplay. Once submitted, our Sales Executive will reach out to discuss the opportunity.
  • Please do not email or call a Courseplay Sales Executive to refer leads. Using this form is the best way to share leads to Courseplay.
  • Do you have questions? Please email us at sales@ courseplay.co.

Response SLA

  • Please expect a response within 24 business hours for any lead submitted. For example, a lead submitted at 5pm on a Friday means our team will confirm the lead with you before 5pm on the following Monday.
  • For existing deals where a Courseplay Relationship Manager (RM) is assigned for the deal, please expect your RM to update you with meeting request confirmations within 2 business hours.