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Courseplay Receives 2 Corporate Learning Management Software Awards


Courseplay was recently reviewed by one of the leading B2B software review websites. Aside from giving Courseplay a positive score, it also gave us a place in its top 20 popular learning management software along with two prestigious awards.

Courseplay not only aims to provide a simple e-learning solution for small to large companies but also to provide a cost-effective system that can train multiple employees effortlessly. FinancesOnline awarded our application the Great User Experience award for top corporate learning management system due to its efficiency, low cost as well as its well-designed interface and features. The experts praised our solution’s functionalities such as its cloud-based interface that make management and training “convenient.” Its “flexibility” in preparing various multimedia tools was also praised by their experts. With Courseplay, companies can also gauge the learning progress of employees and the effectiveness of the learning programs and materials.

FinancesOnline also recognized the resounding positive experience our clients have had with Courseplay. Our system received a high 100 percent user rating, enabling our solution to win their Rising Star award. This recognition shows that Courseplay is quickly rising in popularity to become of the best brands that companies can trust. With “state-of-the-art- AWS servers” that prevent users from experiencing downtime and its availability on mobile devices, Courseplay is truly a reliable solution for everyone.