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How EdTech is redefining education in our country?


Technology has gradually been entering the domain of education. Knowledge, something which was once solely restricted to books, is now actively being accessed by the use of various platforms such as websites, applications, videos, and live chats. Multitude of schools – largely in tier 1 and tier 2 cities – have also embraced this change, being driven by technological adoption to make learning more fun and a lot more interactive.

Education Technology or rather the abbreviated version ‘EdTech’ is a rapidly emerging sector. If numbers are to be brought into perspective, the online education market of our country itself is expected to touch $2.5 billion as the year comes to a close, as per RedSeer Consulting’s report. The same report also revealed that the sector is pegged to receive an engagement of about 20 million students, only from junior high to senior school, who’d avail the supplemental education online.

Intertwining technology with education also seems to be bringing about the desired change. In fact, a large portion of educators trust instructional videos as an aid to their classroom teachings, while parents are also increasingly counting on the new-age platforms to help their wards learn in an evolved fashion.

However, education technology is not limited to urban and semi-urban cities, as one could possibly infer. It is steadily making a foray into and expanding its base across tier II and tier III regions in India. The reason for this change is clearly the lack of appropriate instruction channels and resources, as well as the quality of education within the region, as the RedSeer Consulting report also indicated in its analysis.

The fashion in which EdTech has evolved is also quite interesting. Though it aimed to provide a fun learning alternative for education through education-centric games and techniques originally, the dedicated use of numerous technologies is now enhancing education and the learning curve itself.
While acquainting students with the rapidly digitizing world around them, EdTech has also been noticed to enhance the creativity of a student by personalizing content to support overall development through constant evaluation.

When introducing new-age technologies into the sphere of learning, special attention must also be given to the very specific needs of the individual. The process must be more interactive and engaging, so that it transforms education into a practical experience rather than a rote-based method.

It is now no secret that technology is completely redefining education, but perhaps this trend is only going to emerge more dominantly in the near future. Since the common perception about technology is changing, especially that of parents and more explicitly with regards to technology’s role in education, what now remains to be seen is how the sector will alter the dynamics of learning and eliminate the rote-based education system of the country.

This post was written by our CEO, Arjun Gupta and originally published on The Data Driver, an online blog.

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