Yes List

Courseplay is an extremely versatile yet simple and easy-to-use online training management application that can help you train, test and track your employees, vendors and customers instantly. In order to demonstrate some of our capabilities, we have created this “YES List”. The answers to all of these questions is “YES, you can!”. For more information, have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions and Benefits pages.


  • Will I be able to access everything from my smartphone or tablet? – YES!
  • Will I be able to access everything from any browser? – YES!


  • Will I be able to add as many users as I like? – YES!
  • Can I train my inductees/new employees? – YES!
  • Can I train and test people I haven’t hired yet? – YES!
  • Will I be able to assign courses to my users? – YES!
  • Will I be able to import and export user data? – YES!
  • Can I create categories of users to define who gets access to which courses? – YES!
  • What about generating reports about my users? – YES!
  • Will my users be able to give feedback on how well they have understood each module? – YES!
  • What about generating reports to see how my instructors are rated? – YES!


  • Is it possible to upload my own logo and colors? – YES!
  • Will I be able to use my own domain? – YES!


  • Will I be able to upload as many courses as I like? – YES!
  • Will I be able to upload as many files as I like? – YES!
  • Can I use my own content, like videos, presentations, etc? – YES!
  • What about uploading SCORM and Tin-Can files as modules? – YES!
  • Can I use Adobe Captivate, Articulate, or Camtasia files for courses? – YES!
  • Can I upload quizzes to test my users? – YES!
  • Will I be able to clone courses? – YES!
  • Can I generate reports to see how users are performing in each course? – YES!
  • Can I purchase licenses to ready-made courses? – YES!


  • Can I get training, help and support from the Courseplay staff at no extra cost? – YES!


  • Can I be billed dynamically based on my usage and requirements? – YES!
  • Can I generate reports for my billing and usage data? – YES!
  • What about getting a log with information about system events and user log-ins? – YES!

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