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AI-powered Employee Growth

Access to 100k+ Learning Titles

Plug-and-play thousands of learning assets with a few clicks

Engage Employees Effortlessly

Engage talent with our chatbot and gamification features

Robust Reporting and ROI

Monitor performance impact and easily calculate ROI

Connect Employees with Coaches

Set up a culture for coaching, mentorship and cheerleading

Go Beyond Learning

Capture behaviors, action items, individual development plans and more!

The 4 Pillars of Employee Growth


Deliver world-class learning experiences in the form of micro-learning, game-based learning, interactive e-learning, social learning, on-the-job learning and more!


Track and analyze performance, behaviors, learning and employee growth to get x-ray vision into your workforce and maximize your return on investment


Make coaching, mentorship, training, behavioral scorecards and assessments more enjoyable for talent with our intuitive and engaging interface so they return for more


Convert repetitive administrative tasks into automated workflows and re-invest the productivity savings back into your company so you can focus on results!

Courseplay allows companies to capture data relating to performance, behaviors, competencies, development goals, learning and more. We believe that 360-degree employee growth comes only if data is collected from multiple dimensions.

Data captured by Courseplay is used to make automated recommendations for learning and growth activities. Data can also be imported from third-party systems through APIs and manual uploads.

With Courseplay, employees get full control over their destiny. Employees can set their goals for personal development and 360-degree growth. In addition, managers can assume the role of cheerleaders to assign learning goals and give feedback.

Learning goals can be assigned automatically based on an employee’s role, designation and any other attribute. In addition, learning paths can be defined for more complex workflow requirements. Performance and competency evaluations provide intelligent recommendations for personalized goal setting.

In our endeavor to provide 360-degree growth, Courseplay enables employees to record their experiences on-the-job, learn from their peers and complete formal learning programs, both online and in the classroom.

Courseplay brings learning into the flow of work by incorporating our own AI-powered chatbot and offering a knowledge base to simplify searching for knowledge resources.

Action Lists, Checklists, Evaluations and more are available to provide a complete employee experience.

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The user interface is excellent, as is their willingness to listen to the customer and improve upon the services.

T. Kumar
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Great customer service, very adaptive in improving the product, good look and feel of the product, good concept.

T. Batra
Vice President, Marketing
Sunkalp Energy

It was a great experience to work. They are professional, ethical and want to maintain a high standard of their product and service.

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SpiceJet Technic

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