Learning Management System

Courseplay offers a comprehensive platform designed to automate corporate training and development initiatives and allow management to measure the outcomes. Our goal is to assist all of your employees on their journey to learning and development.

Solutions in Focus

Transform Potential into Excellence

Courseplay focuses on providing a seamless and engaging experience that empowers employees to acquire new skills and develop competencies. Our aim is to maximize ROI for learning-led business growth.

  • Engage and retain your talent
  • Positive impact on company culture
  • Improve job performance and maximize ROI

Centralized Learning Hub

Get access to a directory of learning materials and let your employees learn the skill they really need. Develop a learning ecosystem and nudge your employees towards learning that matter most.

  • Consistent learning experience
  • User-friendly interface to navigate through courses
  • Robust search and filtering capabilities
learning management system

Data-Driven Decision Making

With the Courseplay platform, gain deep insights and reports on employees’ learning progress and performance. Leverage data and analytics to make decisions.

  • Improve your learner’s learning outcomes
  • Identify broader learning trends and patterns
  • Early intervention and support

Skill Assessment and Gap Analysis

Look beyond just skill development and focus more on analyzing skill-gap. Courseplay- a complete employee-centric platform that can help you identify the existing skills and evaluate their proficiency.

  • Evaluate and pinpoint areas of improvement
  • Allocate resources efficiently based on skills
  • Align your employees to fulfill organizational objectives

Personalized Recommendations

Courseplay AI makes personalized recommendations based on role needs and skill wants for a growth-focused employee experience. By leveraging user data, our platform can provide tailored content and courses.

  • Save your learner time by focusing on the most relevant content
  • Optimal utilization of content
  • Make effective individual learning plans

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