Pricing and Plans

At Courseplay, we believe in delivering value, which is reflected in our billing plans. Our slab-based pay-per-use model is designed to give you exactly what you want at a reasonable price. We want to help you grow your business by removing training from the equation. By automating the training process with Courseplay, training is a fixed cost in your budget. Contact us for more information.

How much will Courseplay actually cost?

Courseplay is cost effective for organizations of any size. Each employee can be trained each month for the same price as…

…one pack of envelopes

For the cost of a standard pack of 50 white envelopes you can train one employee as much as you want for a month with Courseplay!

…four gigabytes of data

For less than the cost of four gigabytes of download data on your mobile phone, you can improve your employees performance forever!

…60 minutes of their time

We guarantee that one month’s supply of Courseplay will cost the same as or less than sixty minutes of your employee’s time.

Plans start at $2 per active user for a team of 50 learners.

Prices fall as teams scale up. Contact us to get a customized quote today!

Commercials - FAQ

What is an Active User?

An active user is any user that has logged in on the web or mobile app and accessed any core functionality (e.g. courses, reporting, etc.) in a given month. Users that have not accessed their account in a given month are not considered active users. Once a user is counted as an Active User they can access Courseplay as much as they like that month without being billed extra.

What is Course Authoring?

Course Authoring allows instructors to create responsive courses on Courseplay from scratch. Alternatively, administrators may purchase licenses for ready-made courses available on our marketplace.

What does an Account Administrator do?

Account Administrators can control access to various modules in Courseplay, integrate external applications (like SSO or email), change the branding and colors of the platform, and modify other security settings.

Tell me more about the Enterprise Plan

This plan is for large organizations and e-learning companies who need a multi-tenant architecture to create multiple separate organizations in their training management system. Unlimited clients, unlimited courses, unlimited users. This plan may be ideal for organizations with a requirement for more than 6,000 total employees or 1,500 active users.

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