Learning Experience Platform

Courseplay has been designed by a team of domain experts to be a single epicenter for all employee growth in the company. Our learning experience platform offers customizable learning journeys and in-depth skill-gap analyses, providing learners with the tools they need to grow and thrive in the workplace

Solutions in Focus

On-the-go Learning

Learners can easily access a massive library of courses and content from anywhere, at any time, and on any device. Courseplay caters to the modern workforce’s busy lifestyle without sacrificing content choices. In addition, clients can:

  • Offer content from any source using API integrations or manual upload
  • Make learning content searchable
  • Get real-time AI-powered recommendations based on skill-gaps

Social Learning and Collaboration

Encourage peer-to-peer learning and collaboration in the organization. Facilitate knowledge sharing by hosting discussions and communities for different topics and providing answers to learners. With Courseplay, you can:

  • Collaborate on projects, discussions, and problem-solving activities
  • Provide 360-degree feedback for better skill gap analyses
  • Build a learning community for the entire company
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Certificates and Badges

Provide recognition and validation to employees for their achievements. Design custom certificates and automatically assign them upon learning completion. In addition, clients can:

  • Cross-verify certificates to ensure authenticity
  • Showcase a commitment to learning and competence
  • Create branching learning paths for different skill and certification levels

Game-based Learning

Game-based learning can make learning more engaging and encourage friendly competition. With Courseplay, you can

  • Drive employees to complete learning programs on-time
  • Deliver interactive learning content on web and mobile devices
  • Create a dynamic learning environment that is personalized to each learner

In-Platform Feedback

Give real-time feedback and progress updates to your employees. Your learners can easily get automated learning recommendations based on feedback.

  • Timely adjustments and improvements to the learning
  • Meet learner’s needs and preferences
  • Easily identify learning gaps and learner struggles





Years of

Learning Experience

Anytime Learning

Offer learners the freedom to search for the learning content of their choice, anytime, anywhere

Skill Gap Analysis

Learners get a detailed understanding of their skill-gaps for a more targeted and personalized learning experience

AI-powered Recommendations

Courseplay collects skill gap data to provide detailed and accurate learning recommendations

Dedicated Support

Large teams need dedicated support. We offer dedicated resources both on and off-site for support on your terms.

Performance Insights

Track performance data to get real-time clarity about the impact of learning on real-world performance

Unlimited Choices

Integrate with our content partners to get access to more than 100,000 learning titles under one roof

Workflows and Learning Paths

Assign learning paths based on learner role, designation, skill gaps, and feedback from a single dashboard

API Integrations

Integrate with business applications to make data availability a breeze!

Single Sign-on

Use SSO to streamline the login process and remove the need for multiple passwords

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