Why Courseplay?

A super-app for employee growth

Ensuring employees maintain their personal and professional growth momentum is critical to develop a dynamic workforce. Recent changes in the way we work and advances in employee experience technology have allowed us to create a platform that can automate the entire growth journey very each employee. Courseplay offers the tools needed to align your people’s skills with their roles based on real-world data coming from the business.

An epicenter for employee growth

Learning, behavior scorecards, performance, assessments, mentorship, coaching, knowledge base, news feeds, discussions, individual development plans, competency evaluations – a complete platform to handle it all

A global footprint

Courseplay is a global company and we have served more than a million users across the world till date. Our clients are market leaders across multiple sectors

A 360-degree view

Courseplay is the only platform that offers a 360-degree perspective when it comes to the growth of the employee, including solutions for social learning and on-the-job learning

A plethora of content

Through our Max Plan, clients get a library of more than 100,000 titles with technical and soft-skills for unlimited use throughout the company

An obsession for service

Courseplay is not just a platform. All our plans come with an optional dedicated support add-on so that clients can focus on what matters most – results! Clients remove their administrative effort and get focused attention on their employee growth goals

An agile approach

We have always offered clients the flexibility to customize and modify their account to suit their unique requirements. Reports, dashboards and mobile app screens are typically customized without any additional charge

A complete solution

Courseplay is a full-service platform with add-on solutions for custom content, translation, assessments, authoring and more offered by our massive partner network. Our message to our customers is clear – we come in as a partner and not a just SaaS platform

Courseplay offers a complete employee growth solution that doesn’t stop at formal learning. Speak with us to learn more about our vision for the future of the modern workforce.