Frontline Enablement

Frontline employees are the backbone of any organization. They are the ones who interact with customers, provide products and services, and keep the business running smoothly. However, frontline employees often have limited training and resources, which can lead to mistakes, inefficiencies, and customer dissatisfaction. Courseplay helps frontline teams be better at their jobs by providing a number of tailored solutions.

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Frontline Features

Multiple Language Options

Offer learners with the freedom to view the app and access the content in the language of their choice

Microlearning Nuggets

Offer drip-learning programs using daily learning nuggets for better learning retention.

Ultra Light App

The app and content are both optimized for access on the go using mobile data

Dedicated Support

Large teams need dedicated support. We offer dedicated resources both on and off-site for support on your terms.

Performance Insights

Track performance data to get real-time clarity about the impact of learning on real-world performance

On-the-job Learning

Track learning on-the-job using our checklist feature, to ensure new joiners get real world experience before they are on their own

Behavioral Scorecards

Create scorecards to get grassroots-level clarity on real-world behaviors for better skill-gap analysis

Automated Onboarding

Created automated workflows to make onboarding completely touchless and a total breeze!

Quiz Proctoring

Securely offer quizzes to your frontline audience and rest easy to know that the right audience is answering questions

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