Video Compression with AWS

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Courseplay is a cloud-native product which sits on top of AWS application, database and storage layers and utilizes multiple AWS services. Due to the unexpected impact caused by the Covid-19 crisis, we have scaled up our video delivery footprint to meet the increased demand.

One of our biggest costs is to host and deliver videos to our end users. Due to increased load, Courseplay is looking to reduce the cost of hosting videos by using services like Elemental MediaConvert to compress the videos to the smallest possible size without sacrificing video quality before saving to S3 for hosting. In the first phase we compressed some sample videos manually to understand what kind of configurations are required for different types of video. We then compressed a number of client videos manually based on which videos were the most popular for our clients.
In the next phase we started using the AWS SDK to compress and transcode new videos being uploaded by clients automatically. We will soon start to compress and transcode uncompressed and popular videos that were previously uploaded to the system.

We believe this investment in our video delivery architecture, and in our relationship with AWS, allows Courseplay to scale and leverage the latest technologies for our clients.

Benefits Expected

  1. Performance improvements: Video load times to dramatically reduce for learners
  2. Cost reduction: Reduced video hosting fees will help Courseplay remaining competitively priced in the market

About Courseplay: Courseplay focuses on large enterprises looking to automate the training for their employees, extended enterprise, vendors or customers. Learn more by getting in touch with someone from our team.

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