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Why Is Employee Engagement Important?


Employee engagement is a must for companies that want their employees to feel like they are a part of a family. Good employee engagement is rare. In this post we will explore the reasons why employee engagement is necessary for your company.

1. Positivity

Employees feel discouraged and disconnected when their employers are not engaged with them. They view their work in a negative manner. On the other side, employees feel encouraged, valued and connected when they receive ownership for their work and feel like they are a part of a family. Happy employees are productive employees.

2. Productivity

Engaged employees feel an association with their company. They trust that the work they’re doing is essential and they work harder. According to a report by Double the Donation, companies with engaged employees perform better by over 200%!

3. Job Satisfaction

Engaged employees feel fulfilled and are happier individuals than those who don’t interact with their peers. Companies should have employees who are happy to show up every day. Engaged employees are enthusiastic.

4. Reduced Attrition

If you’re satisfied with your job, why would you leave? You presumably wouldn’t. If your team feels valued, they are less disposed to search for other employment opportunities. A culture of employee engagement leads to reduced attrition and boosts employee retention. When employees feel cherished, they build a bond with the company and their peers. These bonds are not easily broken and further reduce the risk of employees leaving.

5. Organic Marketing

Employees who work with intention and purpose become evangelists for the company. They will be happy to brag about their work to anyone in their personal or social network. It becomes a form of word-of-mouth marketing. It’s the most reliable form of marketing as it originates from the core of the company – the people. Happy employees love talking about their company.

We see innovative employee engagement initiatives on a daily basis with our clients. We have seen happy employees boost profitability and productivity for their company. To learn more about how you can implement employee engagement initiatives in your company, do get in touch with us.