Corporate Training Tips


Managing the Transition to 360-degree Employee Growth

With a recent push from formal learning to 360-degree employee growth, many companies are struggling to understand how to manage this transition. A solid employee transformation plan requires cultivating a learning-friendly culture by fostering innovation and learning from mistakes.

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3 Ways to Develop a Scalable Learning Strategy

You would agree that scaling is not an easy feat. 70% of companies struggle when they scale, primarily because of poor planning though also due to a lack of a scalable learning strategy that can cater to the growing business need.

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Outsourcing Training for Business Growth

The key benefit to outsourcing training is that it allows the client to focus on their core business activities instead of on skill training. This is especially relevant for smaller organizations where a dedicated training team may not be set up.

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3 Sales Tips for B2B Sales

Here are a few practical sales tips and tricks that will not only help you sell your product or service, but also, retain your clients for the long run.

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