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3 Tips to Set Up a Good Rewards System in the Workplace


The challenge of motivating employees to do their best is ubiquitous. Managers feel that their employees are unproductive and not committed while employees constantly feel underwhelmed and underappreciated. It’s a double-edged sword. Employees need to be recognized and rewarded for a harmonious and positive workplace. Employees react positively to appreciation at work, particularly when it’s communicated through an acknowledgement of their effort.

The advantages of having a well planned rewards system are:
  1. Increases employee engagement
  2. It prevents employees from getting demotivated later
  3. It gives you plenty of flexibility to make changes later on

Companies can set up a rewards management system in the workplace to reward and appreciate their employees. Keep reading to learn a few tips on how to set it up so that it doesn’t backfire later on.

1. Start Small

When you implement a reward management system in the workplace, you may find that users are swiftly cashing in their rewards, which is quickly proving to be very expensive. Therefore, start small and gradually scale up your reward system as you collect data about relevant triggers and rewards.

2. Go Big!

Conversely, you have to ensure that you have at least a few rewards set up that will make it worth the effort for the users. Employees won’t be excited to do their work if your rewards are lame.

3. Do not Backtrack

With the first two tips in mind make sure that the reward system you have set up is final. There’s nothing worse for employees than learning that all their hard work has resulted in fewer rewards than they were expecting. Taking back rewards or making changes is not something you want to do because it will break the faith of the users and backfire on the entire gamification system.