Corporate Training Tips

Managing the Transition to 360-degree Employee Growth


With a recent push from formal learning to 360-degree employee growth, many companies are struggling to understand how to manage this transition. A solid employee transformation plan requires cultivating a learning-friendly culture by fostering innovation and learning from mistakes. In this post we look at some approaches that can successfully drive the transformation from “corporate training” to “360-degree employee growth”.

Make Learning a Collaborative and Interactive Experience

Employees and learners must be active participants in the process of establishing a culture of continuous learning. You have to allow them to select the skills and information they wish to acquire and provide constructive comments to assist them in improving their learning experience.

Organizations must collaborate with existing or new online learning platforms to develop new content, curate the current content, and validate online courses and information, and provide a well-rounded learning experience for all learners.

Aim For Agility and Flexibility

The digital revolution of employee experience has increased the number of online platforms and service providers that provide different solutions with different approaches. Organizations must determine which of these platforms truly bring value to individual skill sets as well as the organization as a whole. Make sure the partners you choose are able to adapt to the changing needs of your organization and work with you collaboratively as a partner rather than just offer a platform with basic support.

Consider Learning as A Journey

Modern businesses view training and development as a continuous process with defined objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs). The learning process can be divided into smaller, more structured sections that make the content easier to absorb and apply. Because of the digitalization of training and development, there is now space for online training courses and skill development via reliable online platforms that are linked to performance targets and behavioural scorecards allowing for customized learning journeys.


Organizations around the world are transitioning from a process-oriented to a result-oriented organizational structure. Rather than depending on long-established processes, they now utilize real data to compare outcomes of different experiments and then choose the method that produces the best results. It’s time to identify and improve employee abilities in a personalized way through 360-degree employee growth made possible by the next generation of employee experience platforms.