Corporate Training Tips

Three Steps to Corporate Training with Courseplay


The problem with any good enterprise software these days is the over complicated interface. There are so many settings to choose from that it overwhelms the technophobes and slows down the technophiles. At Courseplay, we are constantly trying to simplify the interface but at the same time offer the more advanced features some clients require. For all those wishing to quickly roll out courses, follow these three steps.

Step 1: Add Users

This is a one-time investment as once your users are added, you probably wont need to add them again. Simply click on the Users section, and you can either add users individually or bulk import them using our template.

Step 2: Add Courses

This is slightly more time-consuming but it certainly helps to plan your courses out beforehand to quickly upload all the modules. Courseplay allows users to add videos, PDFs and even SCORM content!

Step 3: Assign Users to Courses

Once the course is finalized and published, instructors can click on the Goals tab to assign users to the course. Only those users for whom this course has been assigned as a goal are permitted to enroll and begin the course. Others may add the course to their wish list so that they may be assigned this course as a goal in the future.

Using our simple three-step process, any organization can quickly and easily implement any training program with Courseplay!